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Amber Mosby is the author of both novels and short stories including the action packed short story series B.A.S.E which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Lyons' Girl

Jade Finchley is a 17 year old girl with a dark stigma hanging over her head. An  outcast in school and at home, she wanted nothing more than to escape the small  town in which she lived. Maxwell Lyons was her way out. When she was called to  the principal’s office that day she had no idea that the woman in the blue suit was  about to change her life.…

Thunder and Lightning

 Running for her life after being attacked in an alley by two men,  Camille finds herself caught fast in the arms of former confederate  soldier Jake Garrett. After protecting her from her pursuing  attackers, Jake agrees to travel with Camille as her bodyguard on an  upcoming trip. He couldn’t know that soon he would owe his own  life to her...


Volumes 1 and 2 Available now


This action packed short story series follows the missions of a very select group of former soldiers turned assassins for a secret military organization.


This is a short story involving an infatuation that breaks the rules and the thought process of the young woman caught in it...

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