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Thunder and Lightning


 A woman living on her own marked by a tragic moment in her past; a  man hiding from the world. When their paths crossed on that fateful  day they couldn’t begin to imagine how they would come to need one  another. This is the story of Camille and Jacob.


Running for her life after being attacked in an alley by two men, Camille finds herself caught fast in the arms of former confederate soldier Jake Garrett. After protecting her from her pursuing attackers, Jake agrees to travel with Camille as her bodyguard on an upcoming trip. He couldn’t know that soon he would owe his own life to her.

"Thunder and Lightning is a page turner that will have you hooked from the first sentence. I was emotionally attached to both Camille and Jake because Amber Mosby made them real people. My imagination was captured and I was pulled into the story and could not help but cheer them both on. If you like cowboys and Indians, history, romance, suspense and excitement this is a must-read book. I highly recommend it -- there is something for every reader" -Reader's Favorite

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